VIRTUAL MEETING ONLY: CPC Seminar: Discovering new physics in the era of black holes

  • March 15, 2021, 2:00 pm US/Central

Speaker: Ben Lehmann, UCSC

Abstract: The future is now: black holes are routinely measured by gravitational wave observatories, pulsar timing arrays see hints of a stochastic gravitational wave background, and LISA is slated to launch in the next decade. Black holes are quickly becoming a major driver of developments in astrophysics and cosmology. The ongoing challenge, however, is to extract fundamental physics from these objects. I will discuss a few key routes to the discovery of new physics amid the current black hole renaissance. I will first revisit the possibility that primordial black holes can be identified using existing experimental equipment. In addition to the prospects at gravitational wave observatories, I will describe a surprisingly generic scenario that could lead these objects to literally be detectable in terrestrial laboratories. Further, I will demonstrate that even non-primordial black holes can leave imprints of new forces in the gravitational wave background, with significant implications for current and near-future pulsar timing observations.
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