VIRTUAL MEETING ONLY: Neutrino Seminar Series – “CHILLAX – a xenon-doped dual-phase argon detector for rare event searches”

  • April 7, 2022, 1:00 pm US/Central
  • virtual only

We are pleased to host Dr. Jingke Xu, from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory who will talk about “CHILLAX – a xenon-doped dual-phase argon detector for rare event searches”.

The concept of doping argon with xenon has attracted significant attention in the experimental particle physics community. This approach combines the advantages of argon and xenon in a single apparatus but its realization also poses notable technical challenges. The CHILLAX team at LLNL aims to develop a dual-phase argon ionization detector that will be heavily doped with xenon to optimize its performance for low-energy signals from light dark matter and CEvNS interactions. In addition to producing scintillation light at the xenon wavelength, we also anticipate a percent-level xenon doping to increase the ionization yield in the liquid and the electroluminescence gain in the gas, and also to improve the timing in the ionization signal detection. This talk will present an analysis of the challenges of high-concentration xenon doping in liquid argon and the CHILLAX designs to address these difficulties. I will discuss preliminary results of CHILLAX doping tests and the implications on the stability of xenon concentration in similar doping experiments.