VIRTUAL MEETING ONLY: Neutrino Seminar Series – Leptonic flavor models at neutrino experiments

  • May 27, 2021, 1:00 pm US/Central
  • Virtual

For the last seminar of this season, we are very pleased to have Julia Gehrlein from Brookhaven National Laboratory,

Title: “Leptonic flavor models at neutrino experiments.”

Sum rules in the lepton sector provide an extremely valuable tool to classify flavor models in terms of relations between neutrino masses and mixing parameters testable in a plethora of experiments. There are two types of sum rules: Neutrino mass sum rules affect the effective Majorana mass in neutrinoless double beta decay as well as the other observables sensitive to the absolute neutrino mass scale. Leptonic mixing sum rules predict correlations between the three leptonic mixing angles and the CP-violating phases. In this talk I will discuss leptonic sum rules arising in models with flavor symmetries and their predictions at upcoming neutrino experiments. The predictions of both classes of sum rules can be used to identify the parameter regions of interest and the precision necessary to discriminate among different flavor models.