VIRTUAL MEETING ONLY: Neutrino Summer Lecture Series – Astrophysical Neutrinos & Radio Techniques

  • July 22, 2021, 10:00 am US/Central

Presented by Prof. Amy Connolly

Abstract: Multimessenger astronomy has entered an exciting new era with the recent discovery of both gravitational waves and cosmic neutrinos. I will focus on extremely energetic neutrinos as particles that can uniquely probe the most extreme astrophysics sources at cosmic distances, as well as fundamental physics in an unexplored energy regime. While the optical detection technique remains the most powerful for neutrino detection up to the O(10 PeV), radio techniques have emerged in the last two decades as the most promising for a long-term program to push the neutrino frontier by over a factor of 1000 in energy. I will present the latest results from the field of high energy neutrino astrophysics, with a focus on the balloon-borne ANITA experiment and the in-ice South Pole array ARA. I will also give an overview of the many exciting projects in this field that are on the horizon, and their anticipated science impact. I will also introduce a new, OSU-based, student-led project called GENETIS that is evolving neutrino detector designs for improved science outcomes.

The Neutrino University Summer Lecture Series will be held on Zoom every Thursday at 10:00-11:00am CT from June 3 to July 29, 2021. It is aimed at undergraduate and graduate students encompassing various topics in neutrino theory and experiment and could especially benefit those who are doing summer internships on neutrino topics. Please share this announcement with students (or just anyone) that you know who would be interested. More details, including the lecture line-up, can be found here:

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