VIRTUAL MEETING ONLY: Final Neutrino Summer Lecture Series – Beyond the Standard Model Physics and Neutrinos

  • July 29, 2021, 10:00 am US/Central

The last lecture of the Neutrino University Summer Series this year will be given by Dr. Kevin Kelly on the topic of Beyond the Standard Model Physics with Neutrinos.


Since the discovery that neutrinos have mass and change flavors, a vast experimental program has developed to better understand their properties. The majority of experimental results are consistent with the framework that there exist three light neutrinos with distinct masses, and that there is mixing between the bases in which they oscillate and in which they interact. While this statement itself requires new physics beyond the Standard Model, there are hints in several neutrino experiments that point to even more new physics: additional neutrino species, new interactions among neutrinos, etc. In this lecture, I will summarize where we stand with neutrino oscillations and what we may hope to learn about beyond-the-Standard-Model physics with coming experimental measurements. I will also demonstrate how neutrino facilities may be leveraged to seek non-neutrino physics beyond the Standard Model, including dark matter and other kinds of new particles.

The Neutrino Physics Center Summer Presentations are informal lectures for students at all levels interested in finding out more about neutrino physics in general, with some emphasis on neutrino experiments being carried out at Fermilab. The lectures are geared towards undergraduate and graduate students.

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