VIRTUAL MEETING ONLY: Potential Fermilab Muon Campus & Storage Ring Experiments

  • May 26, 2021, 8:00 am US/Central

Jason D. Crnkovic, Univ. of Mississippi; Sudeshna Ganguly, Fermilab; Diktys Stratakis, Fermilab
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This workshop provides a venue for exploring ideas to build short-, medium-, and long-term muon- and non-muon-based experiments that will have a small incremental cost on top of existing infrastructure investments. The goal of this workshop is to promote the development of proposals for the Fermilab PAC review process and current Snowmass exercise.
The workshop program committee is developing an agenda with invited talks, but the committee also wants to include a limited number of relevant talks that are proposed by interested participants. Thus, the workshop has a call for abstracts with a submission deadline of Monday April 26th, 2021.
This workshop is multidisciplinary and aiming for bringing people together to discuss potential experiments, so, there is no registration fee and participants are not required to give a talk at the workshop. But, registration is required, and the registration deadline is Monday May 10th, 2021.