Dark Energy Survey

One hundred years ago, an American astronomer by the name of Vesto Slipher became the first to measure streams of galaxies in our local neighborhood. Slipher used the 24-inch telescope at Lowell Observatory to measure galaxy velocities. Most of the galaxies he measured are receding from the Milky Way rather than moving toward it — the first indication of cosmic expansion. Read more in Dark Energy Detectives. Video: Dark Energy Survey


The Dark Energy Survey recently began its second season. From the images of the sky, scientists distill vast catalogs of celestial bodies, an accounting of what the universe has so far created. This catalog can be further distilled when studied as a whole. The final concentrate is a small set of numbers that summarizes the fate of our universe: a measurement of the strength of dark energy. View the 15-second video and read more at Dark Energy Detectives. Video: Dark…

The first season of the Dark Energy Survey is now drawing to a close. For another few weeks, collaborators will continue to watch the sky from the summery southern hemisphere. After that, others in the astronomy community will take the reins of the Dark Energy Camera until September. Read more and view the video. Video: Dark Energy Survey