Dave Shemanske

A fire gremlin gives Fermilab a final farewell for spring 2016 during the final prescribed burn for the season, which took place on April 18. Even a small burn can be very hot. Good planning is essential to a safe burn. Fermilab Roads and Grounds conducted 16 prairie burn events totaling about 407 acres. In so doing, they completed 90 percent of their projected burn plan for last fall and this spring.

The Fermilab prairie burn season is nearly over. Here, a controlled prairie burn is conducted on a hillside. Fermilab’s trained crew always checks weather conditions and takes every precaution before conducting a burn. Prairie burns help get rid of invasive plants and are essential to restoring the natural habitat.

While installing a nesting platform on the east side of Fermilab, workers found this little salamander. Dubbed Sally, FESS members found her a suitable pile of leaves to finish out her winter hibernation.

This platform, prepped for an osprey or bald eagle renter with sticks, was hoisted high in the air near Nepese Marsh on the east side of Fermilab. Photo: Dave Shemanske, FESS Fermi Natural Areas and Thorne Electric of Carol Stream situated a bird nesting platform at Nepese Marsh on the eastern side of the Fermilab site. Volunteering their services, FNA and Thorne Electric personnel hope that the structure will attract a pair of large birds of prey to nest. Data…