With the recent installation of an Airstream trailer on the front lawn of Wilson Hall, it looks as though a family of Feynman fans is camping out overnight at Fermilab.

If you were lucky enough to be looking in the direction of the Feynman Computing Center on the early evening of April 7, you might have seen a rainbow shooting out of the building.

Each of the integrated circuits you see here is about 6 millimeters on a side and projects one one-thousandth of an inch above the surface of the larger sensor wafer on which it sits, together forming a functional detector.

On Labor Day, AD’s Elliott McCrory packed the back of his Volkswagen with fruits and vegetables from his Fermilab garden plot. Among the yield were cherry tomatoes, onions, shallots, beets, yellow bell peppers, serrano hot peppers and 28 quarts of tomatoes.

Last week this softshell turtle—roughly 12 inches wide—slowly made its way across Road C to the north side of Bulrush Pond, located northwest of the Industrial Building Complex. It did so with help from Security Lieutenant Donna Iraci and Liliana Rivera, who directed vehicles to go around it as they came down Road C.

Crazy heart

A heart made of an old seal from a Lambertson magnet frames the face of Phil Crabtree, AD, while he takes a break from working on the Main Injector.