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Fermilab site parking brown bag lunches

This summer, the Integrated Engineering Research Center that will be adjacent to Wilson Hall will be breaking ground. Construction will require closing of the Wilson Hall east parking lot and the rerouting of vehicle traffic. Join members of the Parking Working Group to discuss upcoming parking changes to the core campus at a brown bag lunch.

Award for innovative, money-saving way to manufacture Fermilab accelerator component

A Michigan-based foundry was recently given an award for its casting of a prototype of a Fermilab particle accelerator component. Their method, which uses a 3-D-printed casting mold, allows for an economical approach to creating accelerator parts and could lead to significant cost savings in component fabrication.

Four December 2018 DOE Graduate Student Research fellowships

In December 2018, four students received the prestigious Department of Energy Office of Science Graduate Student Research fellowships to conduct their research at Fermilab. The goal of the program is to prepare graduate students for STEM careers critically important to the Office of Science mission by providing graduate thesis research opportunities at DOE laboratories.

One minute with Rakshya Khatiwada, research associate

Rakshya Khatiwada is an experimental astrophysicist at Fermilab working on dark matter searches and quantum science. When she’s not developing the newest detectors to look for dark matter, Khatiwada makes a point to engage with the next generation of scientists through informal lunches, talks and webinars.

European Physical Society gives top prize to Fermilab’s CDF, DZero experiments for top quark discovery, measurements

The CDF and DZero collaborations at Fermilab announced the discovery of the top quark in 1995, the final undiscovered quark of the six predicted by theory. The biannual prize is given for an outstanding contribution to high-energy and particle physics.

Top five from Chief Technology Officer Sergey Belomestnykh

The Chief Technology Officer group held an all-hands meeting on Monday, May 6. Here is the top five from that meeting.

From physics to data science

Four physicists share their journeys through academia into industry and offer words of wisdom for those considering making a similar move.

Dare to Dream 2019
In photos: Middle schoolers visit Fermilab Latina STEM conference

Earlier this month, 56 Latina girls from the local area converged at Fermilab to hear from STEM professionals about what it’s like to work in a science-based field. Members of the Fermilab community chatted with the girls, inspiring them to consider a future in STEM.

Come celebrate the Lederman Science Center’s new look!

On Thursday, May 30, from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. at the Lederman Science Center, the Education Office will host a party to celebrate a successful renovation project, which includes new exhibit signage and two new exhibits in the Accelerators room. Everyone is invited! Please come and explore our exhibits, and see Fermilab’s science from a kid’s point of view. Cake and refreshments will be available.

Can you see a black hole?

On April 10, the Event Horizon Telescope published an exciting image of that black hole. If no light can escape, how can it be seen? It cannot, not really. But that amazing image was made by cleverly combining signals from eight microwave telescopes spread over Earth, all recording signals from M87 at the same time for a few hours.

Europe’s path forward

Physicists meet this week in Granada, Spain, to update the European Strategy for Particle Physics. Hundreds of scientists from around the globe associated with the European particle physics program are meeting ti discuss and evaluate what Europe’s next collaborative projects should be. The end goal is a consolidated strategy that European research institutions can use to guide their efforts for the next several years.

Viral positivity

Fermilab management is committed to promoting a positive environment at the lab. Both the Statement of Community Standards and the lab’s Anti-Harassment Policy apply to all members of the Fermilab community — employees, users, subcontractors, visitors and guests — and communicate the expectations that all members of the community are treated with respect and interact in a way that promotes diversity and inclusion across the lab.

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Sanford Science Series part 7: Into the future

From KOTA TV, May 20, 2019: Fermilab’s Patrick Weber and Sanford Lab’s Mike Headley talk with the South Dakota news program about the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment and the Long Baseline Neutrino Facility in this 3-minute segment.

European physicists look to the future of particle colliders

From Physics World, May 16, 2019: Fermilab scientist Vladimir Shiltsev is quoted in this article on the European Strategy for Particle Physics symposium.

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