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A minute with Claire Lee, particle physicist

Claire Lee works for the US-CMS collaboration at CERN. When she’s not taking shifts in the CMS control room, ensuring the detectors are functioning properly and safely, she takes guests on tours and teaches them about the amazing particle physics investigated by the variety of experiments there.

Mary Bishai joins Sergio Bertolucci as co-spokesperson of DUNE

Bishai and Bertolucci lead the 1,400-member collaboration of scientists and engineers of the international Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment, hosted by Fermilab.

New URA-Fermilab internship opportunity for undergraduate women in STEM

Sponsored by the Universities Research Association, the internship provides the opportunity for students to conduct research at Fermilab.

Illustration divided into three columns, each depicting a method of transporting cargo: truck, ship, and train
How to put together an international physics experiment

To build the DUNE neutrino experiment and its associated accelerator upgrade, experts invent customized ways to transport fragile, expensive and highly specialized components.

New STEM program for high school girls comes to Fermilab

SAGE camp, a week-long summer program designed to educate and enlighten underrepresented students interested in STEM, becomes established at the lab.

Fermilab has a Site Access Task Force

The group is working to ensure that access requirements for employees, users, affiliates and sub-contractors at both the Batavia, Illinois, and Lead, South Dakota, sites are clear, user-friendly and compliant with Fermilab policies.

The CMS Data Analysis School convenes in person at the LPC

The LHC Physics Center at Fermilab hosted the first CMS Data Analysis School in person at Wilson Hall since 2020 for an intense week of lectures, hands-on exercises and a group competition to learn about the CMS detector, physics, software and analysis.

Does acceleration solve the twin paradox?

Special relativity is known to make mind-blowing predictions, perhaps most notably the twin paradox, in which two individuals claim that the other person’s clock is doing something funny. There have been many explanations, including two videos that seem to contradict each other but don’t. In this video, Don Lincoln explains how the two videos can be reconciled.

Do hidden influences give neutrinos their tiny mass?

The quest to understand the small mass of neutrinos is also a quest to discover new particles.

Fermilab welcomes a new chief financial officer

Teresa Nightengale joins the lab as chief financial officer bringing more than 35 years of experience. In her role as CFO, she will be responsible for all budgeting, accounting, payroll, finance and procurement systems at Fermilab.

Wormholes in the laboratory – Public lecture by Joe Lykken

While wormholes are allowed by Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, wormholes have never been found in the universe. In 2022, a team of scientists, including Joe Lykken, leader of the Fermilab Quantum Institute, published an article about the observation of wormhole dynamics in the science journal Nature.

Fermilab firefighters are sworn in

On Feb. 25, Fire Chief Steve Hernandez hosted the inaugural swearing-in and pinning ceremony for the Fermilab Fire Department.

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Brookhaven Lab physicist Mary Bishai elected DUNE Co-SpokespersonNEW

From Bioengineer.org, March 21, 2023: Congratulations to Mary Bishai, distinguished scientist from Brookhaven National Laboratory, who has been elected co-spokesperson of the international project DUNE. Bishai began working on DUNE in 2012 and will lead DUNE’s 1,400-member international collaboration alongside Sergio Bertolucci, a physics professor at the University of Bologna.

Submit your images from UChicago research to 2023 Science as Art contest

From UChicago News: Do you have a great photo of your research affiliated with UChicago? Today is the deadline to submit original images for the second year of the Science as Art contest hosted by the University’s Communications department.

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