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August issue of Particles newsletter

The Fermilab Office of Communication is pleased to share the latest issue of Particles, a monthly newsletter from Fermilab senior management that covers key projects and initiatives and the “behind-the-scenes” support critical to our success.

Austrian science and research delegation visits Fermilab

The delegation’s visit to the lab was part of a larger U.S. tour to strengthen the Austrian research network and present Austria as a potential international research location.

Anna Grassellino awarded New Horizons Prize in fundamental physics

Grassellino received a 2023 New Horizons in Physics Prize as a researcher for her work and impact in the particle accelerator technology and quantum science fields.

Catching neutrinos at the LHC

After the successful initiation of two new detectors, scientists have begun to envision an expanded suite of neutrino experiments at the Large Hadron Collider.

Fermilab announces Bonnie Fleming as new deputy director and chief research officer

Effective Sept. 6, Bonnie Fleming stepped into her new role, responsible for leading all areas of science and technology.

Delegation from French national research institute IN2P3 visits Fermilab

Fermilab welcomed IN2P3 director Reynald Pain and four other members of his leadership team on Sept. 2. IN2P3 is a major partner of the PIP-II particle accelerator project and the international Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment.

The value of a physics identity

Being able to see themselves as physicists can make or break students’ ability to thrive in the field.

Fermilab director visits Children’s Center

“These kids can make us smile even on our hardest days.”

A beautiful day for a barbecue

On Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 31, Fermilab hosted a barbecue for employees and users. The labwide event was the first in more than two years.

A minute with Sajini Wijethunga, PIP-II postdoctoral researcher

A postdoc on the PIP-II project, Wijethunga is working on investigating the presence of an electron cloud in the Fermilab Booster.

New measurements point to silicon as a major contributor to performance limitations in superconducting quantum processors

Scientists at the SQMS Center have directly probed silicon’s impact on the lifespan of superconducting qubits. The uniquely sensitive measurement helped researchers quantify how the material impacts qubit performance.

Fermilab welcomes British Consul General and UKRI-STFC delegation

Consul General Alan Gogbashian of the British Consulate in Chicago and U.K. scientific leaders visited the lab on Aug. 24 to discuss ongoing and emerging collaborations as well as tour research facilities.

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Breakthrough New Horizons in Physics Prize to Anna GrassellinoNEW

From Yahoo Notizie (Italy), September 22, 2022: Congratulations to SQMS Center director, Anna Grassellino who received the New Horizon Prize in fundamental physics for the discovery of major improvements in the performance of superconducting radio frequency niobium cavities, with applications ranging from accelerator physics to quantum devices.

Just how big is the Universe? We still don’t know

From the Big Think, September 20, 2022: Don Lincoln ponders the size of the Universe. That is the hypothetical Universe versus the actual Universe. Read more about what we don’t know and what we do know about the Universe that began almost 14 billion years ago.

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