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Do photons experience time?

In relativity theory, fast-moving clocks tick more slowly than slow-moving ones. The effect increases as one approaches the speed of light. But what happens at the speed of light? Do photons experience time? In this video, Don Lincoln lays out what we know about this interesting question.

The US and UK team up to advance quantum information science

Royal Holloway University of London and the National Physical Laboratory bring expertise and research capabilities to the SQMS Center as new partnership institutions.

Fermilab Asia Pacific Association hosted a seminar on Chinese calligraphy

In the seminar, a physicist from the Argonne National Laboratory shared his passion and expertise in Chinese calligraphy.

Registration for Fermilab Users Meeting is open

The 56th annual Fermilab Users Meeting, “New Ideas for Future Projects,” will take place June 28-30.

A different way of thinking

Neurodivergent physicists face barriers in STEM, but there are also benefits to being who they are.

Construction worker injured at Fermilab

On Thursday afternoon, a contracted construction worker sustained injuries as a result of a fall at Fermilab’s PIP II construction area of the Batavia campus.

Fermilab hosts an ‘epic event’ for the EPICS community

The first EPICS collaboration meeting ever hosted at Fermilab recently took place.

From inventor to entrepreneur

Creating a startup to commercialize technology developed during research is a risky road for physicists and engineers, but the help of experts can improve their chances.

SPIN visits Fermilab

The 2023 Strategic Program for Innovation at the National Labs cohort recently visited the lab.

Stefano Miscetti elected as Mu2e co-spokesperson

Stefano Miscetti will help lead the Mu2e experiment into its commissioning phase.

Spring and summer wildlife encounters

As you drive through Fermilab, please be cautious of wildlife that may share the road.

CMS researchers present exciting new results

This year, four of Fermilab’s CMS postdoctoral researchers were among those invited to share their work and the work of their colleagues at a series of particle physics conferences.

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The muon g-2 experiment: insights into the unknown

From the Innovation News Network, May 31, 2023: Editor Georgie Purcell interviews Sean Foster, Research Scientist at Boston University, and Elia Bottalico, Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Liverpool, who are both heavily involved on the Muon g-2 experiment. The g-2 collaboration scientists are in the final stages of data analysis for Runs 2 and 3 and are preparing to announce the results later this year.

Quarks and leptons are the smallest particles we know. Does something smaller exist?

From Big Think – Don Lincoln, May 26, 2023: The search for the smallest particles remains one of science’s greatest pursuits. By today’s measurements, quarks and leptons are the smallest known building blocks in nature, yet researchers wonder if perhaps quarks and leptons are built of even smaller things. Scientists and researchers continue to to look for smaller objects inside quarks and leptons using accelerators like CERN’s Large Hadron Collider.

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