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New construction to affect parking at Wilson Hall beginning in August

IERC construction will begin in August with the general contractor securing the construction site on the east side of Wilson Hall. To facilitate construction activities, the IERC will have a number of impacts to the Wilson Hall footprint area, including nearby parking lots.

Music from the subatomic realm

In the world of particle physics, scientists work with tiny, invisible particles, tracking their collisions and interactions with one another. But what if you could render them as music? What would these songs of the subatomic sound like? Adam Nadel, Fermilab’s 2018 artist-in-residence, worked with scientists at Fermilab and set out to do just that. Read on to hear his music.

The IERC receives approval to begin construction

On July 16, Fermilab received authorization from DOE to start construction of the Integrated Engineering Research Center. The first construction phase will begin in August and will include draining and filling the east reflecting pond, building a new roadway over the fixed-target beamline and relocating several utilities outside the footprint of the new 80,000 square-foot building.

Beacons for safety

Many from around the Chicagoland region are likely familiar with RRFB signs, which are activated by the pedestrian and act as an additional visual warning to motorists to yield or stop to pedestrians in the crosswalks. FESS, APS-TD and IARC facility management recently installed RRFB signs at the convergence of the IARC and APS-TD campuses.

A day in the life of a dark matter data wrangler

As she grew up in the small town of San Pellegrino in the Italian Alps, three things conspired to make Maria Elena Monzani a physicist: a fascination for outer space, a Nobel Prize and a nuclear disaster. Now she prepares an international team to search for clues to one of the biggest scientific mysteries.

Josh Frieman. Photo: Drew Reynolds/Courtesy University of Chicago Magazine
Fermilab and University of Chicago scientist Josh Frieman elected president of Aspen Center for Physics

As president, Frieman will oversee the affairs and business of the esteemed organization. More than 1,000 scientists every year visit the center to explore new research in physics, astrophysics and related fields.

Did you like the food? International Taste of Fermilab a big success

Last Thursday the International Taste of Fermilab was held in the Wilson Hall atrium. Cultural ambassadors from the Fermilab community represented their many diverse cultures at the event through food and a display of cultural items. More 60 different foods were sampled at the Taste.

One small STEM for a man, 50 years ago

“Thousands upon thousands of years ago, at the dawn of human history, Stone Age men gazed at the moon and wondered just what it was.” Now we know. I can spell step, but it was STEM, namely science, technology, engineering and mathematics, that took Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the moon’s surface and back 50 years ago this month.

Get to know 10 early-career theorists

Right now could be considered one of the best — and most uncertain — times in theoretical physics. That’s what Symmetry heard in interviews with 10 junior faculty in the field. They talk about what keeps them up at night, their favorite places to think and how they explain their jobs to nonscientists.

photomultiplier tubes
Some assembly required: Scientists piece together the largest U.S.-based dark matter experiment

Major deliveries in June set the stage for the next phase of work on LUX-ZEPLIN project, led by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. A Fermilab group is responsible for implementing key parts of the critical systems that handle the xenon in the detector.

Celebrating Fermilab-Wakandacon partnership: “Black Panther” screening July 19 at Kuhn Barn

It’s summer, and nothing says summer like a movie in the park. Or, in our case, outside a barn. Join us for a screening of “Black Panther” outside Kuhn Barn on Friday, July 19. Enjoy good food, good company and award-winning entertainment!

Satellite galaxies provide new clues about dark matter

A new study shows that light dark matter is 1000 times less likely to bump into regular matter than previous analyses allowed.

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Starts With A Bang podcast #46: Experimental particle searchesNEW

From Medium, July 19, 2019: Hunting for dark matter, neutrinos, and other elusive signals isn’t just a satisfying endeavor, it’s a way of life for ProtoDUNE scientist Laura Manenti.

Sanford Underground Research Facility boosting South Dakota’s future

From Kelo, July 19, 2019: Fermilab’s Patrick Weber and others talk about the international, Fermilab-hosted Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment and its Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility in this 8-minute video. Sanford Underground Research Facility is home to the DUNE far detector, and the world-leading research taking place at there is giving scientists from a variety of disciplines a wealth of information about the universe, the geology of the region and life underground.

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