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Particle accelerator magnet sets record using high-temperature superconductor

Large, powerful magnets are a vital component of particle accelerators. The general rule is, the stronger the magnetic field, the better. For many particle accelerator applications, it is as important how fast a magnet can reach its peak strength and then ramp down again. A team at Fermilab now has achieved the world’s fastest ramping rates for accelerator magnets using high-temperature superconductors.

Physics books of 2021

Explore 10 new works related to particle physics and astrophysics, plus a bonus book on math.

Vamos a Fermilab aims to boost Hispanic participation in lab internships

Three Fermilab scientists conceived Vamos a Fermilab as a way to increase Hispanic and Latinx representation in STEM careers. Their vision took a step forward recently when the outreach program received funding from the Department of Energy Office of Science’s Office of Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists.

Fermilab launches the new Gates Fellowship

Inspired by the achievements of Jim Gates, currently Ford Foundation professor and director of the Brown University Theoretical Physics Center, the new Fermilab Sylvester James Gates, Jr. Fellowship prioritizes the inclusion of first-generation college graduates, and the representation of historically and contemporarily minoritized individuals underrepresented in theoretical physics.

Winter weather: Road closures and parking restrictions 2021-22

Green cones are beginning to show up in the campus’ parking lots—a sure sign of winter’s coming to Fermilab, which means it’s time to take more care when walking in parking lots and choosing where to park.

How to be a better mentor (and mentee)

Building a fulfilling mentor-mentee relationship requires agency and investment from both parties.

Dark matter in seven acts

Follow the story of dark matter from the Big Bang to the death of the universe and hear the tale of the 95% of our universe made of dark energy and dark matter. Each act will feature a different point in the history of dark matter, from its creation, to its discovery, to its role in the ultimate end of our universe. Fermilab scientist Dan Bauer and his colleagues weave these events into a compelling narrative, using images, animation and current data.

Fermilab scientist Marcela Carena appointed as member of the Argentinian Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences

In accepting the invitation, the distinguished scientist and head of the lab’s Theory Division will join the ranks of notable inductees, such as Nobel laureates Bernardo Alberto Houssay, Luis Federico Leloir, César Milstein and former Fermilab Director Leon Lederman.

From Joe Lykken: Kevin Burkett to lead Particle Physics Division

Kevin Burkett has been appointed Head of the Particle Physics Division, effective immediately. Kevin joined the lab in 2003 and has served in a number of leadership positions, including CMS Center Deputy Head, CMS Department Head and most recently Deputy PPD Head.

Successful demo of the new MIDNA ASIC

The demonstration constitutes a huge step toward the next generation of large experiments using skipper-CCDs.

Even Bananas 13: The road to DUNE

To study the smallest things in nature, scientists build some enormous experiments. One example? The Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment, which will use mile-deep detectors, each one as long as a jumbo jet, filled with almost 70,000 total tons of liquid argon. So how do scientists develop the massive, complicated equipment needed for big science? Neutrino physicists Kirsty Duffy and Bryan Ramson explain in this episode of Even Bananas.

Catherine Heymans shines as Astronomer Royal for Scotland

Heymans, the first woman to be appointed to the role, hopes to give kids and others the chance to appreciate the stars.

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Choose your own breakthrough of the year with Science’s 2021 pollNEW

From Science, November 29, 2021: Fermilab’s Muon g-2 result announcement is included in Science’s Annual People’s Choice Award listing of 2021 science breakthroughs. Place your vote through Dec. 6. On Thursday, 17 December, the winner of Science’s Breakthrough of the Year award will be announced. Vote today using twitter.

2021 James Chadwick medal and prize

From Institute of Physics, November 29, 2021: Professor Mark Lancaster received the James Chadwick Medal from the Institute of Physics for his distinguished work of precise measurements in particle physics, particularly of the W boson mass and the muon’s anomalous magnetic moment in April 2021.

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