Calendar information

Types of events permitted on Fermilab labwide calendar

The Fermilab calendar features events that anyone at the laboratory may attend. Listed below are event types that are allowed to be posted to the labwide calendar as well as event types that are not allowed. If you have questions about whether your event may be posted, please call 630-840-3351.

Permitted events

  • Public tours
  • Scientific talks and seminars
  • Nonscientific talks and seminars
  • Conferences that Fermilab employees and users may attend if they register
  • Workshops that Fermilab employees and users may attend if they register
  • Education events
  • Cultural events
  • Recreational and wellness events and classes
  • All-hands meetings
  • Information sessions
  • Lunch and Learn talks
  • Ecology and environment tours and events

Also allowed are any events deemed by the directorate to be of major significance to the laboratory, including:

  • Division and section all-hands meetings
  • Collaboration meetings at Fermilab
  • Project reviews at Fermilab

Events that are not permitted

  • Private or restricted meetings, except as noted above
  • Non-Fermilab events
  • Off-site events
  • Trainings
  • Construction closures
  • Power or computing outages
  • Deadlines
  • Emergency drills

Submitting an event to the labwide calendar

Everyone with a Services account may submit events to the labwide calendar.

  1. Using a calendar application associated with your Services account, add the event to your personal calendar or appropriate calendar. Be sure to enter the event’s name, date(s), time(s) and location(s). If it is a repeating event, be sure to indicate that as well.
  2. Invite to your event. You may opt to request a response if you prefer.
  3. A calendar manager will approve the event if it is appropriate for the labwide calendar, after which it will appear on the calendar. Please note that the approval may not occur immediately.

Information to enter in labwide calendar events

When submitting an event through your calendar, include:

  • Subject: If the event is virtual or hybrid, enter “Virtual:” or “Hybrid:” before the name of the event in the subject line.
  • Location: Enter location or room where the event will be held, or Zoom if virtual or hybrid.
  • Dates and times. Enter start and end dates and times for the event. If the event is an all-day event, select the All-day Event button instead of entering times.
  • Free-form text area. Enter other relevant information.
    • If there is a speaker, enter the speaker’s name on the very first line in exactly this format: Speaker: First name Last name, Institution
    • If there is a link for the event, enter the link in this field. The link must require login with a Services account.
    • If the event is not open to all lab staff, include a sentence such as, ‘Attendance is limited only to [x]. For more information, contact .’
See the more detailed instructions on how to use the Fermilab labwide calendar using Outlook, the lab-supported calendar application.


If you notice a problem or error in a listed event, have questions about whether an event is suitable for the calendar, or have a general calendar question, please call 630-840-3351 or email

If you are having trouble viewing, accessing or adding an event to the calendar, please submit a Service Desk request.