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All-hands updates

In their Jan. 23 all-hands meeting, leaders in the Office of the COO discussed how the lab is responding to last year’s climate survey, operational excellence and infrastructural improvements at the lab. Read on for the highlights from the OCOO all-hands meeting.

2018 All-hands updates

It was my privilege to inform staff of the significant progress we’ve made at PIP-II, as well as give a run-down of our substantial to-do list in making PIP-II a world-leading accelerator project. Our strong, experienced team is doing excellent work, and we’re grateful to an effective Integrated Project Team, the Office of High-Energy Physics, the DOE Fermi Site Office and the Fermilab Directorate for their strong support.

On Friday, Dec. 7, the Office of the Chief Operating Officer held an all-hands meeting. Exciting things are happening as Fermilab fully steps into its future: bringing the world together for neutrinos. Strong engagement with our partners around the world and at DOE mean great things are happening – and we must remain focused to keep on track and deliver world-class science.

On Dec. 3, the Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility and South Dakota Services Division team held our all-hands meeting following the lab-wide meeting in October. It’s a busy time, as we have accelerated the pace for the entire LBNF project over the past six months. 2019 will start fast as well, with our DOE Independent Progress Review happening in early January.

On Dec. 3, the Applied Physics and Superconducting Technology Division held an all-hands meeting, the first under its new name. Progress on our multiple projects, including PIP-II, cryomodules for LCLS-II, solenoid production for Mu2e and the accelerator upgrade project for the High-Luminosity LHC, is moving quickly. 2019 promises to be another full and important year for our team.


Upcoming all-hands meetings