From CERN Courier, Sept. 23, 2020: Fermilab scientist Panagiotis Spentzouris, head of the Fermilab Quantum Science Program, is one of several experts featured in this article on CERN alumni who have ventured into diverse careers in different fields.

From Physics World, Sept. 23, 2020: The Proton Improvement Plan-II linear accelerator is an essential upgrade to the accelerator complex at Fermilab. The project is being led by PIP-II Project Director Lia Merminga, who talks to Physics World about this international effort to keep Fermilab at the forefront of particle physics.

From Loma Linda University Health News, Sept. 17, 2020: The James M. Slater, MD, Proton Treatment & Research Center at Loma Linda University Cancer Center is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Slater began working Fermilab in 1986 to plan the proton synchrotron and center, which resulted in the construction of one of the most complex pieces of medical equipment ever built.

From Wired, Sept. 22, 2020: After repurposing facial recognition technology to study galaxies and the Higgs boson, physicists think they can help shape the responsible use of AI. Fermilab scientist Brian Nord talks about how these technologies advance fundamental science and the ethical implications of their use.