From Gizmodo, June 21, 2021: Early career scientists like Jessica Esquivel are driving innovations at major experiments like muon g-2 at Fermilab.

From University of Chicago News, June 18, 2021: Fermilab’s muon g-2 result announced in April has theorists scratching their heads about muons behaving slightly differently than predicted in their giant accelerator.

from CERN, June 21, 2021: Yesterday, CERN held a first stone ceremony for Science Gateway, the Laboratory’s new flagship project for science education and outreach.

From the Black Hills Pioneer, June 20, 2021: The former Homestake Gold Mine was the largest and deepest in the western hemisphere and today it is the largest science project attempted on U.S. soil. The LBNF/DUNE includes a collaboration of more than 1,300 scientists from 32 countries. Read more about the significant impacts LBNF/DUNE is having on South Dakota.