Naperville News 17 reports on the new baby bison that arrived this spring at Fermilab. Just outside of Naperville, Fermilab has a growing herd of over 40 bison and two bulls that roam the campus’ prairie land.

Over the course of three years, scientists working on MINERvA recorded more than a million interactions of antineutrinos with other particles. This data allowed scientists to finally calculate the proton’s size using neutrinos, making this a statistically significant measurement of this characteristic.

Fermilab’s Dan Hooper and Don Lincoln talk with Popular Mechanics about why scientists are eager to find the truth about the mysteries of dark matter. Worldwide there is cutting-edge research underway nearly a mile and a half beneath Earth’s surface at the China Jinping Underground Laboratory, the deepest detector in the world.

The Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center in Lead, SD has a new centerpiece. A towering three-dimensional model that includes the Open Cut and 370 miles of drifts, ramps, and shafts that make up the Sanford Underground Research Facility was made to convey the giant caverns at SURF for the Long Baseline Neutrino Facility / Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment.