From Naperville Community Television, March 18, 2016: The Art of Darkness exhibit in the Fermilab Art Gallery shows off the capabilities of the Dark Energy Camera. The exhibit runs through April 29.

Nikolay Kuropatkin, Marty Murphy, Brian Nord and Brian Yanny created this photo of a galaxy, currently on display as part of the “Art of Darkness” exhibit in the Fermilab Art Gallery. A reception takes place on March 18 from 5-7 p.m.

The Dark Energy Camera has 74 CCDs, which allows it to take high-resolution images. Reidar Hahn took this photograph, which is on display in the Fermilab Art Gallery as part of the “Art of Darkness” exhibit.

Feynman in chalk

Fermilab guest scientist Ao Liu created this chalk portrait of Richard Feynman, which you can see on the 13th floor of Wilson Hall at 1321. Feynman is displayed next to a drawing of Einstein. Liu started the project for fun, but now hopes that the portraits (they are looking at us!) will inspire and motivate us to be creative and productive.

aEinstein in chalk

Find this chalk portrait of Einstein, drawn by Fermilab guest scientist Ao Liu, on the 13th floor of Wilson Hall at 1323. There’s no high-tech here: just good, old-fashioned chalk as the medium. Einstein is located next to a chalk drawing of Richard Feynman.

Daleks visited Fermilab to exterminate. Good luck doing that in broad daylight. Ten-year-old, Elise Aponte, daughter of Evelyn Aponte, created this Dalek model.

From WDCB 90.9, Jan. 25, 2016: Fermilab artist-in-residence Ellen Sandor is no stranger to translating science into visual media. She’s worked with Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA to visualize the invisible. Now she’ll do the same at Fermilab. Listen to this eight-minute radio piece featuring Sandor and Art Gallery curator Georgia Schwender.