The American Association for the Advancement of Science has elected Fermilab scientist Don Lincoln as a 2016 AAAS fellow.

We would like to bring to your attention a fellowship opportunity at Fermilab. Intensity Frontier Fellowships are awarded to outstanding researchers in the areas of neutrino physics, muon physics, and other topics in the Intensity Frontier. Fellows will receive funding to allow enhanced participation in Fermilab experimental and data analysis efforts, in relevant areas of particle physics theory, or in future projects. The fellowships provide the ability for researchers to spend significant time at Fermilab, with the goal of expanding…

The Education Office is now accepting nominations for this year’s Director’s Award for exceptional service to Fermilab’s K–12 education programs, funded by Fermilab Friends for Science Education. Each year, more than 200 employees, users and contractors go above and beyond their everyday duties to further outreach and education at the laboratory. These volunteers are role models and mentors for teachers and students, answer tough questions about Fermilab and its science, maintain Lederman Science Center exhibits, visit area classrooms and more….

The Distinguished Researcher Program has been a defining feature of the LPC at Fermilab for the last six years. The 21 CMS physicists selected as Distinguished Researchers are accomplished individuals at different stages of their careers.