If you are returning onsite to work and have an expired badge please make an appointment with the badging office at Also make sure you are listed on the essential or daily list. Contact your division or section point of contact to get added to the list.

Retiree badges

Due to recent changes in the lab’s Site Security Plan, we are no longer issuing Retiree (RT) badges for retirees who are not in Retiree Guest (GSR) or Scientist Emeritus (SE) statuses. Retiree Guest and Scientist Emeritus statuses are approved through the employees’ Division/Sections offices. If you have questions, please send email to

Due to COVID-19, Fermilab has suspended all functions at the Batavia site except for essential work to be conducted on site. If you have not been designed as “on-site essential personnel” and your badge is going to expire during this period of restricted site access, you will be able to renew your badge when the site reopens to employees and users. Computing accounts for employees are not attached to your badge date. Employees should not lose access to your computing accounts…