Bible Exploration

On June 29 the Bible Exploration for Lunch League will begin a new study based on a video series filmed in Israel, featuring Ray Vanderlaan of “That the World May Know.”  We plan to watch and discuss the 5-part Volume 1, entitled “Promised Land — Living for God Where Culture is Influenced.”  We meet Tuesdays at noon on Zoom. To get connection details sign up for our mailing list as detailed on or contact

On Jan. 21 the Bible Exploration for Lunch League is beginning a new study called “10 Keys for Unlocking the Bible.” If you’re just beginning to explore the rewards of Bible study, this is the perfect introduction. Each session has a 25-minute video followed by a discussion. Please bring your lunch and join us in the Quarium, Wilson Hall 8th floor crossover east at noon on Tuesdays. For more details see or contact

Everything has a starting point, and for many people the starting point for their Christian faith was based on things that made sense when they were kids but don’t make sense as adults.  On Tuesday, September 10, the Bible Exploration for Lunch League plans to begin a study series called “Starting Point” which delves into the starting point for an adult Christian faith.  We did the series last summer and it was so good that we are offering it again…