A bald eagle at Fermilab

Late one afternoon in mid-September, a bald eagle perches on a Tevatron Ring dam near the E2 service building.

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Closeup of a bird of prey something from its talons

On Aug. 24, an American kestrel dines al fresco atop one of the many small buildings on the Outer Ring Road. Photo: Tim Chapman

A gray and white bird of prey stares directly into the camera, presumably through a window. In the distance below, a parking lot dotted with cars, some greenery and water.

In 2021, at least one peregrine falcon has been hanging out around Wilson Hall. They can often be found staring in the windows on the 14th floor, as this one was in May.

Up close. campus, nature, bald eagle, eagle, animal, bird, winter, tree Photo: Michael Geelhoed

On Jan. 14, an adult bald eagle perched northeast of the Applied Physics and Superconducting Technology Division keeps a watchful eye on activities.