climate survey

Learn what the climate survey action teams recommended to senior management (must be on the Fermilab network). Background: The climate survey was conducted at the end of March to give employees an opportunity to impact the future of the lab and improve the quality of life. Overall, Fermilab scored in the 61st percentile as compared to similar organizations. Based on the responses from 70 percent of employees, seven areas were identified as areas for improvement: communications, employee engagement, trust, diversity,…

Two climate survey action teams need your input as they develop recommendations for senior management. Please take a few minutes to complete these surveys: Career opportunities and promotions Employee engagement  

All of the lab’s climate survey action teams are now in place and ready to go to work. Their job is to sort through the suggestions and recommendations you’ve already made and to short list them for senior management to review. Many of you have submitted excellent suggestions, but the action teams would like more.