The Barnstormers Club is hosting Virtual Quadcopter Racing in Velocidrone on Mondays beginning at 5:30 p.m. This live streaming event will last one to two hours, depending on the number of participants. Live streaming at For more information contact Noah at

A Fermilab observance of the 69th annual National Day of Prayer will be held on Thursday, May 2, from 12-12:30pm via Zoom.  All are welcome to attend. This year’s theme is “Pray God’s Glory Across the Earth.”  Organized by the Bible Exploration for Lunch League. For more information including how to get Zoom coordinates see or contact

The central issue in Philosophy of Mind is the Mind-Body problem: How can something like the material brain produce something like the non-material mind?  And how can they interact with each other?  In this presentation we will survey some of the different positions people take in regards to the mind-body problem and discuss some objections to each. Dr. Johnson received a MA and PhD in Social/Organizational-Industrial Psychology and a MA in Communication from Northern Illinois University.  She received a B.S….

Salad Club on Nov. 21

This month we will be adding homemade soup to our salad bar. This is an opportunity to enjoy a healthy soup and salad lunch hosted by you. All you have to do is bring an ingredient that you like in your tossed salad or a soup to share with the group … and then we eat. All are welcome, join us on Thursday, November 21, at 12pm in the Hornets Nest, Wilson Hall, 8th Floor Crossover. RSVP by November 20th…

This Winter, in addition to flying RC planes and helicopters at the Kuhn Barn, the Fermilab Barnstormers RC Club will be hosting beginner-friendly micro quadcopter racing every Monday evening starting October 21st. Small quads weighing around 30 grams will zip through 19-inch hoops arranged in tight, technical courses to complete as many laps as possible. The micro-sized aircraft, frequently referred to as “Tiny Whoops,” carry small cameras allowing the pilots to wind through complex courses with the help of specialized…

Salad Club Lunch Sept. 19

On Thursday, Sept. 19, we will be enjoying a Caprese Salad Bar. All are welcome. Please bring an ingredient that you like in your Caprese Salad. Join us at noon in Wilson Hall, 15 West, Aquarium. RSVP to by Wednesday, Sept. 18.

The reality of suffering and evil in the world is a primary reason why many people doubt the existence and/or goodness of God.  Join us in a 6-week discussion of this topic at noon on Tuesdays beginning July 2 in the Quarium, on the 8th floor crossover of Wilson Hall.  The 6 sessions are titled “Where did Evil Come From?”, “Why do Innocent People Suffer?”, “Why Doesn’t God Do Something?”, “Is the Devil for Real?”, “How could a Loving God…