Attendees at the 55th annual conference of the Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group received conference bags. The bag included little rubber tiles so that one could create their own custom design on the outer surface. Thomas Kroc created the Fermilab logo.

NA-PAC2016 is in Chicago from Oct. 9-14. This will be an excellent opportunity for Fermilab personnel to present their work and learn from others. While there are many topical workshops and specific-focus conferences in the US, NA-PAC is the only conference that covers all kinds of accelerators and everything related to them. It is also unique in coverage of the engineering and technology progress, in representation of junior accelerator personnel, and in tutorials and short IEEE courses. Registration is now…

Online registration for Neutrino 2016 is now open and available via the conference website The key dates for to note are: Abstract submission deadline (poster): March 14, 2016 Financial support application deadline: March 31, 2016 Early registration deadline: May 2, 2016 Online accommodation booking deadline: May 2, 2016 Registration deadline: June 17, 2016 The first announcement may be found at: Further details may be found at the conference website.

From Sept. 28 to Oct. 2, Fermilab had the rare honor and opportunity to host the 20th Geant4 Collaboration Meeting, which gathers detector simulation experts from all around the world every year at a different location.

Neutrino FAQs

Dogged Fermilab reporters recently approached scientists during Neutrino Action Week to find out what they most want to understand about the neutrino.