Three physicists share their experiences learning and communicating physics in a foreign language: English. Because of English’s hegemony in science and the world, aspiring scientists in non-English-speaking countries must learn English in school to pursue a career in science. In some cases, science classes are even taught entirely in English.

For a week spanning the months of July and August, scientists from around the world virtually gathered to attend the prestigious biennial ICHEP conference. At ICHEP, some of the most exciting physics results of the year are unveiled. CMS scientists from Fermilab and the LHC Physics Center were well-represented at the conference.

FRA senior leadership met with Lab Resource Group leaders on July 10 to discuss D&I actions and recommendations. The materials discussed at that meeting are available here (Services login required).

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Do you remember the International Taste of Fermilab? Did you like the food? About this time last year we were all together celebration cultural diversity through delicious food at the International Taste of Fermilab.  We look forward to the time we can all come together again and celebrate! View photos from last years event.    

From Wired, July 14, 2020: Companies and universities have long relied on seminars to reduce racism, despite lackluster results. Maybe institution leaders can salvage the format. Fermilab scientist Brian Nord weighs in on the value of certain diversity-centered activities at academic institutions.