No aspect of Fermilab, past or present — the accomplishments of the Tevatron, the popular Arts and Lecture Series, the education efforts, the world-leading neutrino program — would be what it is today without the contributions of women. This International Women’s Day, we honor their contributions.

The Fermilab community is welcome to join an online celebration of the Lantern Festival on Friday, Feb. 26, from 3-4:30 p.m. The virtual event is hosted by the Fermilab Asian and Pacific American lab resource group. The Lantern Festival falls on the 15th day of the first month in the lunar calendar, the last day of the Chinese New Year celebration. This online gathering is not only a celebration of one of the most important events on the Chinese calendar,…

If you’re willing to help with the May 1 Superheroes in STEM workshop at Fermilab, please sign up to help by April 2: https://forms.gle/qRCPXe3jJEkGsesTA The Superheroes in STEM conference is an opportunity for high school students to interact with Fermilab experts in STEM fields. The students see what it’s like to work in a national lab in the areas of engineering, computing or physics. Sign up to help by April 2.

Protecting particle accelerators and developing technology for addressing environmental issues, Arden Warner loves solving problems. He’s also chair of the Fermilab Summer Internships in Science and Technology committee, where he champions mentoring young scientists and working towards a more inclusive culture in science.

From March 25-27, the Fermilab professional chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers will host the virtual Regional Leadership Development Conference. This is a great professional development and networking opportunity for Fermilab employees and users. The conference agenda includes career, leadership and professional-development workshops. Early bird registration is open until Feb. 23.

Inclusion Matters 2021 builds upon IM20 presentations and workshops focused on the theme Building a Sense of Community. Along with expressions of appreciation for the lab community’s contributions to workplace inclusion, the IM calendar includes presentations and workshops on cross-cultural communication, LGBT Safe Zones, and how to be an upstander

From Chicago Tribune, Feb. 10, 2021: Fermilab scientist Jessica Esquivel makes a habit of sharing the greatness of STEM with girls. This feature discusses several of the ways she fuels up through mentoring Black and brown girls, including the #STEMtag campaign and an upcoming Wikipedia edit-a-thon to recognize the contributions of unacknowledged Black physicists.

From CBS News, Feb. 11, 2021: For International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Fermilab scientist Jessica Esquivel talks about why representation in STEM matters — how it helped her envision herself as a physicist and how it can help the next generation of scientists.

Roshanda Spillers is a lifelong student. With five academic degrees under her belt and more to come, she’s one of the vital lab staff who make sure that the experiments’ electronics are in working order and that the particle accelerators are well-maintained. A new grandmother who’s learning piano while going to school, she encourages those who love science to pursue their dreams relentlessly.