EAP seminar

This month’s online EAP seminar…DIY: Apps and Guides for Household Management. Get a helpful overview of key household management items, as well as links to guides and apps to help you keep track of it all. Visit http://www.ers-eap.com/ Login info…fermilab…eap  Available anytime, any day, your Employee Assistance Program is a free, confidential program to help you balance your work, family, and personal life. TOLL-FREE: 800-292-2780.    

This month’s Employee Assistance Program’s monthly online seminar topic is “Getting Organized”. When we are not organized, we waste precious time and create chaos in our lives. Minimize the stress and maximize the tranquility that comes from putting everything in its place. Available on demand at http://www.ers-eap.com/  Login info…Fermilab…eap

Compassion Fatigue: Increasing Resiliency…Caregivers often take on emotions of those they help or rescue. After understanding how compassion fatigue develops, you’ll learn specific strategies to reduce stress & to develop resilience. Available on demand starting April 18th. www.ers-eap.com   Username: fermilab     Password: eap