Do you need to know whether a road is closed? How about whether Wilson Hall elevators are temporarily out of operation? Then click on the campus announcements tab in News at Work. In the announcements section, you’ll notice three tabs. All announcements are posted under the first tab. Those that relate to campus and construction are also posted under “campus,” (Announcements related to computing updates, such as changes in authentication protocol or the retirement of messaging clients, are posted under…

As a part of the IERC site prep project, the Wilson Hall east drive closure will progress again to the south. This work will temporarily impact access to the Wilson Hall loading dock. The loading dock’s northern bay will be reopened with access to the dock from Kautz Rd. from the north. The southern bay will be closed on Thursday, Feb. 27, to Friday, March 6. As always, thank you for your continued patience.

As a part of the ongoing IERC Site Prep project FESS will be executing a series of temporary multi-day road closers with reconfigured traffic patterns starting this Saturday 10/12 thru Sunday 10/13, Monday 10/14 thru Tuesday 10/15, and finally Saturday 10/19.  Please reference the IERC Sanitary Road Closure Plan for further detail.  

As we continue building for our future, changes in vehicular traffic will be necessary.  Starting this fall, vehicular traffic will be rerouted around Wilson Hall and over a newly constructed berm crossover roadway through the A-Zero parking lot to Main Ring Road.  Consequently, a portion of Main Ring Road will no longer be accessible to pedestrians due to an expected increase in vehicular traffic around the A-Zero building.  Walkers and runners on Main Ring Road will be impacted by these…

Reliability projects are under way at Sanford Lab, and crews are improving the lab for its role as the far site for the Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility. The LBNF project recently completed an upgrade of the Oro Hondo fan, the main ventilation fan for the underground facility. This upgrade, completed with the support of Sanford Lab and four local contractors, ensures dependable ventilation in the underground spaces at Sanford Lab.

Hydrant Flushing

FESS FM will be flushing ICW hydrants throughout the site starting Monday 16 September and finishing on Friday, 20 September (weather permitting).  There will be water on the roads and slight pressure drops in ICW during this evolution.  Any questions or concerns; call J.P. (5253 or 630-659-6211) or Greg Gilbert (6835 or 630-404-0106).

Due to the construction of the Integrated Engineering Research Center several new traffic and pedestrian control measures are in place in front of Wilson Hall.  Please exercise caution when accessing Wilson Hall. A new stop sign has been added to northbound Discovery Road and Pine St. Please come to a complete stop and be cautious of construction vehicles and pedestrians. Also please note that the pedestrian/bike path adjacent to the east pond is now closed and a new temporary path…

Wilson Hall Elevators 1 through 4  will undergo  minor upgrades encompassing roller guide assembly replacement. Scheduled installation will begin today (Friday Aug 2nd) and will continue each Friday until project completion. This will require one elevator to be out service each Friday for 3-4 hours. Please plan accordingly.