Hocus Pocus rebooted

Shuttle bus drivers have encountered the Sanderson Sisters on site. Wearing earplugs on all shuttles is advised, lest the sisters put a spell on you.

We are putting up a cached-build server for the SPOOKY package management system, which will be a logical replacement for the existing fnkits and scisoft servers for ups packages. It will host compressed EYEBALLS of built packages.

There is a special menu today at Fresh Seasons Café. Main courses: Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding Steak and kidney pie Roast chicken Lamb chops Sides: Mashed potatoes Pumpkin pasties Steamed vegetables Desserts Treacle tart Chocolate gateau Drinks Pumpkin juice Butterbeer

One day only! The prairie inside the Main Ring has been turned into a pumpkin patch. Please ignore the black pumpkins and white particles floating through the air – the connection to the Upside Down is temporary.

Walk with care at night

Graduate students and postdocs were spotted stumbling from Fermilab Village last night. Identifiable by their milky skin and overripe smell, these researchers are vital and hungry for knowledge … and brains. Please avoid unless recently fed.

The Fermilab Student & Postdoc Association is excited to announce this year’s annual Halloween Party open to the full Fermilab Community!  The party will be in Kuhn Barn in the village on Friday, November 1, with most of the activities beginning at 6.30pm.  As always, there will be activities for families and children starting at 5.30pm. We will have food, drinks, costume competitions, pumpkin carving, decorations and much more, and we look forward to seeing you there! FSPA Officers Abhilash,…

Fermilab employees and users are invited to attend an all-hallows-hands meeting that begins at midnight on Oct. 31 in Ramsey Auditorium. Learn about ghoulish neutrino science and really cold dark energy work happening around the lab. Devilish refreshments will follow in the Wilson Hall atrium, to include a cauldron of boiling hot witches’ brew and chilling eye-of-the-newt froyo.