J. K. Rowling’s unexpected new novel in the Harry Potter series will focus heavily on astrophysics. Harry Potter and the Dark Lord’s Dark Energy Survey follows an adult Harry Potter as he navigates the world of particle astrophysics, visits the Dark Energy Camera (constructed at Fermilab) in Chile, and tries to uncover Lord Voldemort’s plan to harness all of the dark energy in the universe. It’s a great reminder of how magical physics can be! Pick up your copy from…

A special dinner in honor of visiting scientist Dr. Acula will be held at Chez Leon at 8 p.m. on Oct. 31. All are welcome to come meet our esteemed guest and enjoy a free meal while hearing about the physics of blood flow. Dr. Acula has severe allergies and asks guests not to bring garlic, holy water, wooden stakes or shellfish.

A number of individuals have reported seeing the ghost of Robert Wilson in the Main Ring tunnel. They believe his return is correlated with the seventh anniversary of the Tevatron collider’s shutdown. The ESH&Q members of the Accelerator Division are looking into the matter.

Beware the werebison

How can you tell which of the charismatic megafauna are actually werebison?

Enjoy a mug of hot cinnamon apple cider while touring haunted areas of the Fermilab site after sunset. Meet at the covered wagon outside of Lederman Science Center, if you dare. Hayride is not suitable for anyone who is easily scared of the dark or of ghosts, or who doesn’t like apple cider.