Local high-school students are bringing a handmade, house-sized trebuchet to the Village soccer field. They will be launching flaming pumpkins for two dollars apiece from 5 to 9 p.m. Not-on-fire pumpkin launching is free. Remember to bring your camera and wear flame-retardant clothing

Members of the laboratory community have reported sightings of a gang of the undead on the Margaret Pearson Interpretive Trail. Animal Control will remove the zombies on Nov. 3. If you plan to walk the trail before then, bring a frying pan and wear a helmet. Better yet, don’t plan to walk the trail before then.

On a hunch that short- and long-baseline experiments might not be adequate for finding ghostly neutrinos, Fermilab management went retro earlier this year and hired the original Ghostbuster team to carry out its own independent, unimpeded search for the elusive particles.

Is ROC West haunted?

Too soon after its September opening, ROC West is temporarily closed due to malfunctioning screens.

The Shakers

Are the shakers really gone forever?

For anyone who actually enjoys putting their face in the backwash of a dozen germ-infested people before you, there will be apple bobbing. There’s a bucket with some water and apples behind the Pine Street guard station. Knock yourselves out, you filthy animals. For Pete’s sake, don’t put the apples back in the bucket.