The Fermilab Site History Committee is looking for new members! Each year, volunteers on this committee organize a picnic for the families of the people who used to live on the Fermilab site before the area was selected as the location of the lab in 1966. The next picnic will be this September. It’s a great opportunity for the former residents to reconnect with one another and for committee volunteers to learn about the history of the site and meet…

Save the date

Fermilab is turning 50 … in 2017! This may seem like a really early save-the-date for a birthday party, but when you’re celebrating the birth of a 6,800-acre lab with 1,700 employees, 20 bison and the nation’s largest particle accelerator complex, you need to start planning early.

On Sept. 19, 1986, as part of a lab-wide party, then-director Leon Lederman inspired fellow physicists on the noble quest for knowledge by donning a knight’s suit of armor and ascending the stairs in front of Wilson Hall on his horse Cody.