In the 1970s, interesting shapes and striking colors were the order of the day at Fermilab. Bob Sheldon saw an opportunity when one of the outlying buildings on the site, which was to be a support facility for a large particle detector, needed a roof.

The setting provided by founding Director Bob Wilson’s creative design of the laboratory and his many sculptures are an enduring source of pride for those associated with Fermilab and for the surrounding community. One of the sculptures that has gained widespread attention is “Tractricious.”

Water to the ropes

Robert Wilson was a man born out of his time. He lived in America from 1914 to 2000, but he really belonged to the central Italy of the 1500s. One ever-present reminder of this is the sculpture that sits in the reflecting pond in front of Wilson Hall.

A furry critter and its four-mile trek through an accelerator pipe comes to the lab’s rescue in its early days.

Memoir: The handrails

A story of the fate of some walnut trees on the laboratory site in 1979 takes us inside the Wilson Hall stairways.

The Fermilab Site History Committee is looking for new members! Each year, volunteers on this committee organize a picnic for the families of the people who used to live on the Fermilab site before the area was selected as the location of the lab in 1966. The next picnic will be this September. It’s a great opportunity for the former residents to reconnect with one another and for committee volunteers to learn about the history of the site and meet…