Billions of people worldwide do not have access to safe drinking water. It’s an issue raised by the United Nations through World Water Day, March 22, a UN observance day to promote the importance of fresh water. A team at the Illinois Accelerator Research Center is pursuing a promising method for cleaning wastewater using electron beam technology.

On the occasion of Bob Kephart’s retirement, we announce a new leader for Illinois Accelerator Research Center (IARC) as the program graduates to a new era.

It’s that time again! Fermilab badge holders have another chance to propose a name for an IARC conference room.  This time, it is the second-floor southeast conference room (duplicate of the 3rd Floor “Floating Point), which seats 15 and has an uncharacteristic narrow, pointed shape (see picture). IARC’s mission is to advance accelerator technology, so the name should be related to accelerators, entrepreneurial endeavors, industrial activities, innovation, inventions, patents, or new ideas. As mentioned, this contest is open to all…

You can find this at the Heavy Assembly Building, adjacent to the IARC Office, Technical and Education Building.