As Fermilab’s new Chief Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Officer, I would like to introduce myself to the Fermilab community. I would also like to use this opportunity to provide an update on some of the EDI Office’s new responsibilities.

From Wired, July 14, 2020: Companies and universities have long relied on seminars to reduce racism, despite lackluster results. Maybe institution leaders can salvage the format. Fermilab scientist Brian Nord weighs in on the value of certain diversity-centered activities at academic institutions.

On June 10, the US CMS collaboration participated in a day of reflection and conversation in support of the Strike For Black Lives, which was led by a group of physicists. About 525 members of the US ATLAS and the US CMS collaborations, including a few external guests, gathered together virtually.

Want to show your pride for Pride Month? Spectrum – Fermilab’s resource group for the LGBTQ+ community – has several resources for you on its website. Download a Pride flag, or read an article on how to be a better LGBTQ+ ally. Spectrum is also collecting photos of people celebrating Pride at home!

We continue to make the laboratory’s Inclusion Matters workshop offerings available online, and I encourage all who have not yet fulfilled their annual training requirement to take a look at the opportunities below. Some of you have already taken an Inclusion Matters course and may want to learn more on a particular topic. Sign up to participate to discuss physics and disability, person-first language, imposter syndrome, or allyship and bystander intervention.