The Honorable Greg Hunt, Australian minister for industry, innovation and science, visits Fermilab to celebrate the signing of a collaboration agreement.

The news could not have been better for our Variable Energy Cyclotron Center scientific colleagues in Kolkata, India. As part of the Indian Institutions and Fermilab Collaboration, our colleagues tested their first superconducting radio-frequency cavity, and the results exceeded expectations.

From APS News, July 2016: Indian scientists have made significant contributions to the Fermilab program, so it is natural that India is already taking a very active role in the development of a world-leading neutrino physics research program in the U.S. Fermilab scientist Vladimir Shiltsev co-wrote this article.

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From ABC7 News, March 30, 2016 (with video): The Chicago area hosted a special guest Wednesday as Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi toured parts of the city and the suburbs, including Fermilab. His first official visit to Chicago, it was the first stop in a four-day tour of the United States focused on trade issues between the U.S. and Italy.