From The Beacon-News, March 31, 2016: Italian Prime Minister Renzi rolled in to Fermilab on Wednesday with several dozen other Italian citizens to meet with scientists, including some of Italian birth, and tour the campus’ Industrial Center Building.

Our planned flagship long-baseline neutrino experiment, LBNF/DUNE, is predicated on Fermilab being host to the international neutrino community in a manner similar to how CERN hosts the ATLAS and CMS experiments. This CERN model of international cooperation has been very successful. Learn about some of the ongoing efforts to internationalize Fermilab and our neutrino program through this column and video.

Representatives from the industrial firm IHI Inc. in New York visit Fermilab to see the 35-ton prototype cryostat for the Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment. IHI Corporation, parent company of IHI Inc. and based in Japan, designed and supplied the membrane for the cryostat and the technical supervision during the installation. Fermilab technicians built the cryostat.

Last week a group of physics students from the University of Delhi visited Fermilab, taking a tour of the DZero assembly building and the MicroBooNE facility. Here they are pictured in front of the MicroBooNE time projection chamber with three of their tour guides at the far right. From right to left, the guides are: Sarah Lockwitz (PPD), Jason St. John (U. of Cincinnati) and Mike Cooke (PPD). Jennifer Raaf (PPD) and Teppei Katori (MIT), not shown, also served as tour guides.