The Fermilab Library added 6,500 eBooks to its catalog this month through the Wiley Online Library. Visit the Fermilab Library’s Wiley collection web page to browse and access all of these new books! These books are available on-site at Fermilab or off-site by logging into VPN and Remote Desktop.

Rosetta Stone Language Learning Program online courses are now available through the Fermilab Library. Rosetta Stone offers a wide range of interactive language programs so you can easily start or continue learning a new language. To access or find out more about the Rosetta Stone courses, contact the library by email at, by phone at 630-840-3401, or stop by the library circulation desk located on the third-floor crossover of Wilson Hall.

The Fermilab Library, located on the Wilson Hall third floor crossover (WH3X), has an abundance of services and resources for Fermilab users. One of these is the online language learning software, Pronunciator. This software offers over 80 language courses, most of which have 10,000 learnable phrases. Additionally, Pronunciator offers English as a second language (ESL) courses for 50 non-English languages. Fermilab users who wish to use Pronunciator must register on-site. Once registered, users can access this software anywhere, even on…

On-site users can access more than 900 SharePoint training videos online through the Fermilab Library’s subscription. Most of the videos are less than a minute long, and each addresses a specific question. You can access the SharePoint video site at