lost and found

Lost: DeWald 20V max XR drill at the Corner of Batavia Rd. & Recieving Rd. If found please return to Site 37 Roads & Grounds.

Lost water bottle

Lost water bottle: Rubbermaid, dark blue, quart bottle. It may have some yellow tape on it. It does not have my name on it. I may have left it somewhere in Wilson Hall about three weeks ago. Please contact me at ext. 5556. Thank you.

If you misplaced your Fermilab coffee cup while traveling in Grants New Mexico, Bar S RV Park, st37, 2nd week of November this year, I have your coffee mug… It was sitting on top of the st37 RV site, while I was setting our Sprinter RV up on 11/11/2018 and could not believe a fellow Fermilab employee last used this site…? Greg Sellberg sal@fnal.gov

Found on road in front of CDF, automotive fuse box cover.  I would guess that someone was working on their car and forgot to attach it.  It is currently at DAB. Contact Pete S at 2852  

I believe I lost my old Samsung flip phone in Wilson Hall auditorium during the lecture Friday evening, January 26, 2018 (Amshalom lecture on quantum technology). I was sitting about one third of the way down in the middle of the middle section. The phone has a worn cover. If found, please turn the phone on and call 708-567-5889. I will call the recovered phone to confirm ownership. I live in southern Wisconsin, but will come down to Fermilab to…