Main Ring

Dipole magnets produce the dominant magnetic field that bends the particles traveling through the Main Ring. This particular dipole magnet sits skewed and bends both vertically and horizontally — deliberately so! — just ahead of the DZero collision hall.

Fermilab has begun demolishing selected Main Ring service buildings, providing a path to build new facilities to match the needs of a future machine.

While running around the ring two weeks ago, the photographer saw this barn and thought it could use a happy face.

Snow on Lake Logo

ake Logo and the center of the Main Ring don’t get too many visitors, so enjoy this rare glimpse of the winter woods in the Ring.

This photo was taken in the Fermilab Tevatron tunnel. The light blue structures are old Main Ring magnets, and the red structures are Tevatron magnets. The “painted” light remind us of magnetic field lines. This 30-second exposure was taken by setting the camera on a tripod and swinging lights around.

Elaine Phillips, PPD, walks with Jim Nipper and Cary Yoshikawa, Muons Inc. A record number of employees walked, ran, biked or rollerbladed around the Main Ring as part of yesterday’s Employee Health and Fitness Day. More than 330 people participated. Wednesday’s fitness event also kicked off Fermilab’s participation in the 10,000 steps program.