NA-PAC2016 is in Chicago from Oct. 9-14. This will be an excellent opportunity for Fermilab personnel to present their work and learn from others. While there are many topical workshops and specific-focus conferences in the US, NA-PAC is the only conference that covers all kinds of accelerators and everything related to them. It is also unique in coverage of the engineering and technology progress, in representation of junior accelerator personnel, and in tutorials and short IEEE courses. Registration is now…

Chicago Science Fest, hosted by the Illinois Science Council, takes place May 13-14 in Chicago. Fermilab scientist Anne Schukraft will give a presentation titled “The How and Why of Tracking the Invisible, Elusive Neutrino.” You can also hear presentations on black holes and gravitational waves, deep ocean research, circadian rhythms, and the physics of “The Game of Thrones.” Saturday will feature hands-on demos, including a virtual reality experience with Oculus Rift with Fermilab scientists. Because Fermilab is a sponsor, Fermilab…

The laws of nature are discovered as specific mathematical structures. Why these structures and not other? Why are they mathematically beautiful? The talk reviews an original approach to these questions by the eponymous award-winning article; recently, it was published by Springer, together with all the winners of the 2015 contest of the Foundational Questions Institute. Everybody is welcome. Feel free to come with your lunch. .

The Linux at Fermilab Quarterly meeting will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 18 from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. in Wilson Hall Curia II. Presentation topics include: a spotlight presentation from the Unix Server Services group; demystifying point releases; SL 7 Fermi Edition update and HEPiX highlights. All Linux users and system administrators are encouraged to attend.

NAW alphabet soup

Through Sept. 6, Fermilab will play host to no fewer than seven meetings attended by scientists all bent on better understanding these subtle particles.