In response to changes in Fermilab site access and DOE requirements, Fermilab is rolling out a new Event Approval System in SharePoint that will complement the new Policy on Fermilab Events and updated Policy on Access to Fermilab. Starting on Nov. 2, all Fermilab-hosted events must be submitted through the Event Approval System.

From the Chicago Quantum Exchange, Oct. 29, 2020: Quantum technology experts from around the country will convene virtually from Nov. 11-13 to forge new partnerships amid an exciting year for quantum research. The third annual Chicago Quantum Summit will feature Anna Grassellino, director of the Superconducting Quantum Materials and Systems Center at Fermilab.

The third annual Chicago Quantum Summit takes place from Nov. 11-13. Register now to attend. Featured speakers include SQMS Center Director and Fermilab Deputy Chief Technology Officer Anna Grassellino as well asĀ  directors of the National Quantum Information Science Research Centers and of the NSF Quantum Leap Challenge Institutes. The summit features a public talk by Scott Aaronson, founding director of the Quantum Information Center at The University of Texas at Austin. The summit, hosted virtually by the University…

From APS News, October 2020: This summer, Fermilab scientist Marco Del Tutto spent weeks building the 3-D virtual rooms for the Neutrino 2020 conference. Like many conferences in 2020, the meeting occurred over the now ubiquitous application Zoom. But this conference had twists and flourishes: a poster session conducted in virtual reality, pixelated renderings of plants and couches, and Chicago-specific settings.

Next week, scientists with connections to U.S. particle physics will make their morning coffee, boot up their computers and log in to a virtual community planning meeting with over 1,500 colleagues. The four-day gathering will set the stage for a process known as Snowmass, during which scientists will develop a collective vision for the next decade of U.S. particle physics research. The Snowmass process seeks to identify the most promising questions to explore in future research.

Registration for the Snowmass Community Planning Meeting (virtual) is now open. Snowmass takes place from Oct. 5-8. Please register as soon as you can at This information is tremendously helpful for us to organize the CPM. Registration is required to attend the CPM meeting. Please forward this message to members of your frontier group.

For a week spanning the months of July and August, scientists from around the world virtually gathered to attend the prestigious biennial ICHEP conference. At ICHEP, some of the most exciting physics results of the year are unveiled. CMS scientists from Fermilab and the LHC Physics Center were well-represented at the conference.

From Quality Digest, July 30, 2020: There is a critical need for a platform and community to support the recruiting and grooming of individuals in the metrology workforce and those interested in entering a career in metrology. For many professionals, the Coordinate Metrology Society is that platform. Fermilab’s Jana Barker weighs in on the opportunity provided by the Coordinate Metrology Society Conference.

From CERN Courier, July 23, 2020: Fermilab scientists Steve Brice and Sam Zeller and University of Minnesota scientist Marvin Marshak authored this article on the Neutrino 2020 conference, in which 4,350 people from every continent, including Antarctica, participated. The online program, hosted by Fermilab and the University of Minnesota comprised eight half-days over two weeks, four poster sessions with both web-based and virtual-reality displays, and the use of the Slack platform for speaker questions and ongoing discussions.