The National GEM Consortium, a nationwide coalition of universities and employers, offers fellowships and internships to African American, Hispanic and Native American individuals to help them obtain advanced degrees and connect to careers in science and engineering. For 35 years Fermilab has been allied with GEM as one of the lab’s chief pipelines to build a diverse workforce. The longstanding relationship ensures that Fermilab can solve new problems in physics and engineering with a dynamic arsenal of perspectives. In return,…

Fermilab Office of Education Head Marge Bardeen, CERN Communication Head James Gillies and Science and Technology Facilities Council CEO John Womersley talk about leveraging news of the Higgs discovery to raise public interest in science.

137 Films, which made the documentaries “The Atom Smashers” and “Fermilab: Science at Work,” had its own booth in the AAAS exhibit hall. Producer Clayton Brown (right) speaks with visitors about how to tell a science story through cinema.

Fermilab scientist Aaron Chou discusses experimental probes of quantum geometry at the AAAS conference. At the same session, Deputy Head of the Fermilab Center for Particle Astrophysics Dan Bauer discussed the detection of cosmic dark matter.