These individuals received degrees through Fermilab’s Tuition Assistance Program. Pictured, front row from left: Andrea Varry (WD), MS Library and Information Science; Rebecca Johnson (AD), BA Business Administration; Shannon Fugman (AD), BS Accounting. Back row from left: Timothy Zingelman (AD), MS Network Communications Management; Nick Gurley (AD), AA Electronics Engineering Technology; Michael Geelhoed (AD), AA Web Graphic Design; and Jason Ormes (CD), MS Telecommunications and Information Systems. Other degree recipients not pictured include: Scott Crowell (AD), MBA; Quinton Healy (CD), MS Engineering Management; Brian Schupbach (AD), MS Electrical Engineer/Applied Electromagnetics; and Bradly Verdant (AD), BS Mechanical Engineering. Photo: Cindy Arnold, CCD

Robert Rathbun Wilson, a Wyoming cowboy who built the world’s highest-energy particle accelerator laboratory with the eye of an artist, the shrewdness of a banker and the conscience of a human rights activist, died late Sunday night at a retirement home in Ithaca, New York, near Cornell University. He was 85.