Philosophy Society

The Philosophy Society presents a summary and open discussion of “Philosophy of Mind” on Friday, Feb. 28, at noon in WH4NW. After a summary by Danielle (~30min), there will be time for discussion. Those who prepare a slide or two will get priority to speak after Danielle. Everyone is welcome. Please bring your lunch.

After 15 minutes of Jim’s summary, we’ll discuss the main problem. Those who send 1-2 slides to will have a privilege to speak first with questions and comments. Jim will have a privilege to answer. After that, everybody will be invited to ask questions of Jim. When the questions are exhausted, it will be time for the comments. Everybody is welcome. Feel free to come with your lunch.

The Book of Kells is a famous illuminated Gospel in Old Latin, dating back, approximately, to the eighth century. It is deeply Platonic, as well as Christian;  and it features a particular kind of imagination about the nature of the cosmos and the relationship between the physical and spiritual planes that may resonate with students of nature today. Everybody is welcome. Feel free to come with your lunch.

Al Brunsting, the author: “Assuming a theistic starting point, how can God be influential in human lives and human history in the presence of an overwhelming amount of randomness? We will summarize some examples of randomness in the history of human evolution and in 20-th Century human history. A speculative answer to this question will be suggested. Discussion is encouraged.” Everybody is welcome. Feel free to come with your lunch. If any question, ask Alexey .

What tools can our reason use in addressing the many different questions we face in our life? What does it mean to be reasonable? What is the sense of the mysterious? Some points about these questions for a dialogue about a broader reason. The time is usual, 12:00,  but the room is, for that meeting, different: Hornets Nest (WH8X- Wilson Hall 8th fl Crossover) Everybody is welcome; feel free to come with your lunch.