Fermilab is upgrading its accelerator complex under the upcoming Proton Improvement Plan II, or PIP-II. The heart of the project is a superconducting linear accelerator, which will help generate intense proton beams for the lab’s experiments. Follow the PIP-II beam as it accelerates to higher energies.

Fermilab’s Lia Merminga talks to Symmetry about her early experiences in STEM and her drive to solve science’s unanswered questions.

The Independent Project Review of the PIP-II project assessed our progress within the R&D program and through the more formalized project activities aimed at the next step: CD-1.

Fermilab’s partnership with the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in Mumbai, India, recently bore its first fruit: preproduction magnets designed and built at the India laboratory. The magnets were installed and tested at the Fermilab PIP-II Injector Test Accelerator in late March.