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How do you manage your time and work tasks? The Professional Development Office has scheduled a workshop that will help you manage your time more effectively and give you tips on how to improve your productivity through goal setting, prioritizing, scheduling and managing interruptions. For more information go to

This course is for managers and supervisors who conduct performance reviews. In this training you will: Learn the elements of an effective performance review; Learn how to prepare for an interactive performance review discussion; Review and discuss communication skills that encourage two-way communication; Practice crafting responses to difficult situations. For more information and to enroll visit

Are you interested in learning tips and tricks when designing your PowerPoint presentations? Do you want to be an Excel power user? Check out the Professional Development course schedule for more information about these upcoming courses at:

Courses on the Professional Development schedule for February include: -Excel 2013 Shortcuts – Feb 2 -Interpersonal Communication Skills – Feb 3 -Word 2013: Tips, Tricks & Techniques – Feb 9 -PowerPoint 2013: Tips & Tricks – Feb 16 -Excel 2013: Power User – Feb 23 For more information and enrollment go to:

This class is packed with information using Word. Learning these tips and shortcuts will enhance your ability to perform your tasks and create better looking documents. Learn to use Word’s Help System when you need more information about a particular subject. Find out what the EXTRA sections contain. Word has more features than you ever thought about using and with this class each feature becomes more useful to you in the workplace. Enroll at

This highly useful and informative class is for the educated PowerPoint users who are familiar with basic techniques. Let us help you to learn many new ways to work smarter, not harder using common PowerPoint features. Plenty of practice time and Question and Answer time is provided. Enroll at

This class is for individuals who have progressed through all levels of Excel and want to learn the complexity of the Visual Basic Applications code in Excel. The participant will learn to understand the basics of a Visual Basic Module. Learn about relative and absolute recorded macros, and assign these macros to various objects. Create custom functions. Write procedures that test conditions and then run only certain statements based on the results: If..Then, For..Next, Do..Loop, If..Then..Else, For Each..Next statements. Understand…

Increase your awareness of your communication skills and personality type. Develop the skills for more productive work relationships. Assess your communication strengths and weaknesses; understand the differences between passive, assertive and aggressive communication; learn how to speak with more enthusiasm, expressiveness and clarity; become a more effective listener; learn how non-verbal messages affect communication; learn how to work and communicate more effectively with different personality styles; and set specific communication goals as part of your individualized Communication Plan (CAP) and…