Clorica survey results

Thank you all who responded to our quarterly survey regarding our onsite cleaning program. Your feedback is essential in maintaining a clean, safe and healthy environment for the Fermilab community. Because the surveys are anonymous, we receive honest scores and comments, which are truly helpful when improving our services. However, when specific comments need to be addressed, we are unable to identify the source, building or area, so please reach out to us at X2798 or for additional clarification…

Tank move

A crane lifts a large yellow tank from a trailer using two large straps in the midst of a construction site.

In August, helium storage tanks from the decommissioned Central Helium Liquifier are moved for the PIP-II project.

The ESH&Q Section has taken steps to merge the many separate labwide battery recycling programs throughout the Fermilab campus, merging them into one centralized program.