It is with regret and warm wishes that I announce the retirement of Katee (Joan) Peters, Fermi Site Office. Her last working day will be December 31, 2020. Katee has been an integral part of the FSO since 2002 and Chicago Operations Office since 1980, has over 40 years of federal service. Her hard work, commitment and dedication are commendable. Katee has always had a fondness for Fermilab, especially the people and wildlife. She will be greatly missed. We plan…

On Dec. 18, Victor Martinez, a senior technician at the lab, will retire after more than 47 years of service. Martinez is one of the last remaining employees who was part of the TAT program from the lab’s early years. He made all the wire chambers for the Loma Linda Proton Treatment and Research Center.

Fermilab employee Cheryl Bentham started at Fermilab on July 1, 1975, as a summer student. Four years later, she was offered a permanent position in the Housing Office, in September 1979. She has worked in the Housing Office since then. Now she is retiring. Her last day is Oct. 22.

Fermilab instrument welder Bill Gatfield started at the lab in March 1980. Since then, he has worked on numerous projects throughout the laboratory. Now, 40 years later, he is retiring. His last day is April 20.

For nearly 20 years, Tim Trout has supported all things construction at Fermilab. He started in 2000 as a contract worker. In 2007, he was hired as a full-time lab employee. Now he is retiring. His last day is Feb. 28.

On Feb. 19, Don Cossairt will retire after nearly 42 years at Fermilab. His work at Fermilab has included operational health physics as well as research in accelerator health physics and instrumentation, and he has contributed to the design and operation of nearly all Fermilab accelerators and experiments in the past four decades. Outside Fermilab, he has been a leader and worldwide expert in the field of accelerator health physics.

John Voirin, Fermilab ID number 04940N, has worked for Fermilab for just over 39 years, building magnets and installing numerous experiments. Now he retires. His last day is Feb. 12.