Sali Sylejmani, a technical specialist in the Accelerator Division Mechanical Support Department, will retire after 20 years of service. Come to wish him a fond farewell on his last day at the lab during his cake and coffee reception on Wednesday, June 26, at 11 a.m. in the Dungeon Conference Room, located in the Cross Gallery.

Fermilab employee Wayne A. Johnson, badge number 6909, will retire on Friday, May 24, after 34 years of service to the lab. As an electronics technician, Johnson worked on cabling and beamlines for many of the the lab’s experiments and projects, contributed to NML and the Cryomodule Test Facility, and to the design and installation of the CDMS detector.

For 36 years, Fermilab civil engineer Ron Foutch has seen and helped Fermilab grow up. During his time, he has made sure that buildings rise, that earth is hollowed to make tunnels, and that pipes and cables connect it all together. Now he is retiring and hanging up his hard hat. His last day is Friday, May 17.

James Loskot started at Fermilab 43 years ago as a lab technician. After working in two different divisions on numerous accelerator projects and particle physics experiments, he is retiring. His last day is March 15.

In the field of lattice QCD, Paul has been one of the most influential figures: His work on various methods helped point out new directions; in our common work, we turned lattice QCD into precision science; he managed computer infrastructure in such a way that lattice QCD blossomed all over the United States; and his attitudes influenced our postdocs, many of whom are now leaders in their own right.

Fermilab scientist Bruce Baller started working at Fermilab in March 1987. Since then, he has helped discover a particle, worked on beamlines, helped design detectors and managed particle physics experiments. Now he is retiring. His last day is Friday, March 15.

Berman has been a vital part of the laboratory’s computing efforts in a wide variety of projects, including fixed-target experiments, LBNF/DUNE, computing storage, grid computing and HEPCloud. Her last day at the lab is Jan. 31.

Jane Sylvester retires

After 40 years with Fermilab, Jane Sylvester has decided to retire, and we’re bidding her farewell in style! There are a couple ways her many friends and colleagues at the Lab can join in to wish her well. Visit her office on 15E anytime between Jan 22-Feb 6 to sign an enormous card! Come to her Farewell Party! It will be held at Frontier Pub Wednesday, Feb. 6, starting at 3:30 p.m. Best wishes to Jane in all her new…