As a part of the IERC site prep project, the Wilson Hall east drive closure will progress again to the south. This work will temporarily impact access to the Wilson Hall loading dock. The loading dock’s northern bay will be reopened with access to the dock from Kautz Rd. from the north. The southern bay will be closed on Thursday, Feb. 27, to Friday, March 6. As always, thank you for your continued patience.

Green cones are beginning to show up in the parking lots — a sure sign of winter coming to Fermilab, which means it’s time to take more care walking in parking lots and choosing where to park. This year, in addition to the established parking restrictions and road closures, there will also be a few additional closures.

On Monday, Nov. 11, and Tuesday, Nov. 12, Discovery Road North between Kautz Road and Pine Street will be closed. Also on Nov. 11 and 12, the inbound and outbound lanes of Pine Street east of Discovery Road North will be closed. Pine Street remains closed between Discovery Road North and B Road until the evening of Wednesday, Nov. 13.

As a part of the ongoing IERC Site Prep project FESS will be executing a series of temporary multiday road closures with reconfigured traffic patterns starting this Saturday 10/26 thru Sunday 10/27 and Monday 10/28 thru Tuesday 10/29. Please reference the IERC Storm Road Closure Plans for further detail. Saturday and Sunday: Discovery Road South from Pine Street to Kautz Road, Kautz Road from Discovery Road South to Discovery Road North, and the Horseshoe will be closed. Monday and Tuesday:…

As a part of the ongoing IERC Site Prep project FESS will be executing a series of temporary multi-day road closers with reconfigured traffic patterns starting this Saturday 10/12 thru Sunday 10/13, Monday 10/14 thru Tuesday 10/15, and finally Saturday 10/19.  Please reference the IERC Sanitary Road Closure Plan for further detail.  

As we continue building for our future, changes in vehicular traffic will be necessary.  Starting this fall, vehicular traffic will be rerouted around Wilson Hall and over a newly constructed berm crossover roadway through the A-Zero parking lot to Main Ring Road.  Consequently, a portion of Main Ring Road will no longer be accessible to pedestrians due to an expected increase in vehicular traffic around the A-Zero building.  Walkers and runners on Main Ring Road will be impacted by these…

FESS-E will be patching pavement at two locations on C Road East and two locations on the Main Ring Road. Only one location will be closed at any given time. Road closures start at 7:00am, see linked map: 2019-10-07_5d9b7ada815ab_RoadclosuresOct92019

On July 16, Fermilab received authorization from DOE to start construction of the Integrated Engineering Research Center. The first construction phase will begin in August and will include draining and filling the east reflecting pond, building a new roadway over the fixed-target beamline and relocating several utilities outside the footprint of the new 80,000 square-foot building.