Wild Fermilab

Call Roads and Grounds for help with wild animals.

Motorists, bikers and pedestrians must pay attention to warning signs, detour signs and flaggers. Dangers still exist in work zones even if workers are not present.

The Illinois Department of Public Health has confirmed mosquitoes have tested positive for the dreaded West Nile virus in northern Illinois. No human cases have been reported yet, and there are steps you can take to avoid being infected.

Subcontractors celebrate 10,000 hours of work with no accidents or injuries. During 10,000 man-hours of hammering, cutting and moving to construct the addition to the Main Injector-8 building, no one was injured and no accidents occurred. Aurora-based subcontractor R. C. Wegman Construction Company held a pizza party on site last month for 30 people involved with the work to celebrate the safety milestone. While the party highlighted the safety success of the subcontracted employees, Fermilab employees involved in the project…