Happy Labor Day!

In May 2013, Wilson Hall is perfectly reflected, as are the surrounding plants and clouds and blue sky above.

From Tia Sang (Vietnam), April 27, 2021: Fermilab keeps a strong connection with nature and history where he places modern accelerators, through her messenger of nature – the American bison.

Cyclist and Fermilab employee Dan Bollinger says he couldn't resist snapping a photo of the bison on his afternoon commute on April 6. "I've been at the lab for over 30 years, driving by them day in and day out, never stopping to take a pic," he says. Meanwhile, the bison take in a spring day on the Fermilab campus. bicycle, bison, campus, spring Photo: Dan Bollinger

During a bike break on April 6, a Fermilab employee takes a photo of bison taking in a spring day on campus.